Cecil­ia ALEXANDRI¹, Sorinel Ionel BUCUR²
E‑mail autor core­spon­dent: cecil­ia @ eadr.ro
Abstract: The cur­rent con­text gen­er­at­ed by the armed con­flict between Ukraine and Rus­sia brings to the fore­ground an impor­tant issue con­cern­ing the inter­na­tion­al trade in cere­als, main­ly the tran­sit of cere­als from/to Ukraine via the Black Sea to/from Ukraine’s trad­ing part­ners. While the tran­sit of cere­als from/to Ukraine is main­ly via the Black Sea, the cere­al trade from Rus­sia can be done both through the Black Sea and the Caspi­an Sea, giv­en Russia’s posi­tion with direct access to the two seas. In this con­text, the present study aims to car­ry out an analy­sis of the evo­lu­tion of the cere­al mar­ket in the coun­tries bor­der­ing the Black Sea and the Caspi­an Sea, as well as in some coun­tries with indi­rect access to the Black Sea, through the Danube, the analy­sis focus­ing on the main cere­als, name­ly wheat and maize.
Key words: piața cerealelor, pro­ducție, cerere, com­erț exte­ri­or.
JEL Clas­si­fi­ca­tion: Q10, Q11, Q17.

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